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Netflix for Ubuntu

Netflix is one of the most popular on-demand content streaming services around, unfortunately Netflix doesn't officially support Linux. Until now Ubuntu users have been unable access the service. Follow these easy instructions to install a 'Netflix Desktop' app to enable you to use Netflix on Ubuntu.


Installing Netflix Desktop

  1. Install 'Netflix Desktop'

    Run the following command in the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) to add the repository and update the software sources:

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio && sudo apt-get update

    Then install Netflix Desktop by running this command or click the button below:

    sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop
    Install Netflix Desktop

    Note: 279 MB of disk space will be needed for this install.

  2. Launch 'Netflix Desktop'

    To launch the 'Netflix Desktop' app open the dash and type 'Netflix' then select the 'Netflix Desktop' Icon.

    The Netflix Desktop App opens full-screen with no controls by default, therefore you may find the following keyboard shortcuts useful.

    F11 - Exit Full Screen

    Alt + F4 - Close Netflix Desktop

    Note: The first time you use the 'Netflix Desktop' app you will see two dialogue boxes prompting you to install 'Mono' & 'Gecko'. Click on the 'Install' button for each one, this is a one time thing.

  3. Loading your First TV Show or Movie

    Upon loading your first TV Show or Movie you will need to 'Enable playback of protected content'. When you see a dialogue box like the one below just click 'Enable'. This will only happen one time.

How It Works"

Installs a modified and patched version of Wine configured with Firefox 14 and Silverlight 4.

Launching 'Netflix Desktop' loads netflix.com full screen in this custom Firefox app.

Using Netflix Desktop To Access Other Websites

You can use the 'Netflix Desktop' app to access other sites that require this custom set-up (SilverLight). To do so you just need to access the Navigation Toolbar and enter in the address you want to navigate to.

Access the Navigation Toolbar with this useful key combination: - While Holding Alt Press v then t then n

Access Entire Netflix Content Database

Netflix is available in several country's however each country has access to different content. Despite which country you are in you can gain access to all content available on Netflix simply by installing the Firefox add-on 'Media Hint'.

To install 'Media Hint' add-on simply press Ctrl + Shift + a then search 'Media Hint' and hit Enter. Media Hint should appear at the top of the list, click 'Install'. Job done, no need to do anything else.

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